Volunteer Experience

Amanda and Joy

"I look forward to visiting my client and talking for hours and helping her where we I can to make her life a little easier and better. Volunteering with Reach out is a simple yet thorough process and the coordinator is work with is absolutely lovely! I wanted to give something back. I was aware that many elderly must feel isolated and lonely and I wanted to help people in that situation and hopefully give them something to look forward to at this time in their life. My experience with my first client has been amazing and i look forward to our chats as much as she hopefully does."

"I enjoy chatting to the man I visit, even with the age gap we have lots in common and I look forward to visiting him each week. I also feel I am making a small difference to his life. He saves letters to show me and we chat about his life when he was younger, all the places he’s lived and visited. He’s very interesting to talk to."

Jimmy and Selina

"I love to listen to my clients stories and experiences from over the years and I'd like to think my client likes to hear my stories and news. Her memories from over 90 years of life is just fantastic and you can see her slip back into that very moment when we talk. We sometimes have the same conversation each week but I listen intently like it's the first time I've heard it. She seems to enjoy taking a trip down memory lane...The good and bad and I've certainly learnt a lot from her."

"Helping the elderly enjoy our local groups and get more involved with the community, having a chat and check they are coping with day-to-day things - fresh milk in fridge, safety in the home, hear their stories, etc"


"I enjoy walking and chatting with my client and think it is a great match for me as I love walking."

"I can see that I am making a difference to the well being of another person which is very rewarding. I enjoy introducing people to new things that I enjoy and having discussions about them. Getting out in nature and exercising with my client around the neighbourhood is great for my health as well as my clients."


"I feel I am supporting people who have become friends and we enjoy each others company. I hope I am helping a little with their loneliness as well as keeping an eye on their health and passing on to Reach Out if I have concerns. Knowing I am doing something worthwhile and of value, also having full support from my support coordinator."

"Feeling part of the community, and having interesting conversations with a lady I would never have crossed paths with. You can see the difference my visit makes to her day, and I leave feeling good too."




Elsie's Story



Elsie lives alone and was recovering from surgery. She wasn’t able to get out and was feeling desperately lonely and isolated. Her family all live a long way away and she can go for days without seeing or speaking anyone. She is hard of hearing and so struggled to keep in contact with relatives by phone. Elsie said that she missed having someone to talk to. We introduced her to Denise who visits her once a week. They have a cuppa and a chat and Denise helps Elsie to water her house plants.

Elsie says that Denise has been so kind and helpful, and she really looks forward to her visits. Denise loves spending time with Elsie and says she always leaves her smiling as they have such a nice time together. She says that it helps her as much as it helps Elsie.

*Based on a real Reach Out match - names and circumstances have been changed to protect confidentiality


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