Meet the Team



The staff team are available Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:30pm



Kim Buet is our Support Coordinator for the West of the county –

covering Watford, Three Rivers, Dacorum, St Albans and Hertsmere.

Kim joined the team in July 2020. Kim has worked in customer

services for 15 years, before deciding on a career change into the care sector.

Kim has care experience in a domiciliary and in a care home setting.

Her previous job was coordinating activities in a dementia care home,

where she was awarded employee of the year 2019!



Amanda is our Support Coordinator in the North and East of

the county – covering North Herts, Stevenage, Welwyn and Hatfield,

East Herts, and Broxbourne. Amanda joined Reach Out in

December 2019 and has recruited lots of new volunteers and

arranged lots of new matches since she started.

Amanda has a background in care, the last 15 years being

at the local Hospice.



Vicky is our Project Manager and covers the entire county.

Vicky has managed Reach Out since it first started in the

north of the county and has led on the expansion of the

project following a successful pilot stage.

Vicky has worked in the charity and non-profit sector for 18 years,

working with vulnerable people and families in advocacy and

advice settings, as well as delivering support in health and social care.



Rachel is our Support Coordinator in the Centre and East

of the county – covering Welwyn and Hatfield, East Herts

and Broxbourne. Rachel joined the team in December

2020. Rachel has a background in education, as a class

teacher in Inner City London and then running her own

childminding business in Hitchin. She has lots of

experience with volunteering for different organisations

and charities, including shopping for the elderly as part

of Reach Out.



Is our Reach Out Support Manager and coversHertfordshire.

Jordanna previously managed a Male Mental

Health Home in St Albans which she thoroughly enjoyed

however, was ready for a change. As Reach Out Recovery is

new, Jordanna will be working alongside Vicky to shape how

this project will look. Jordanna is creative, enthusiastic, and

positive about making a change, all things we believe will

make Reach Out Recovery a major success. 


If you live in North Herts or Stevenage call us on 07780 304068


If you live in Welwyn & Hatfield, East Herts or Broxbourne call us on 07917 978728

If you live in Watford, Three Rivers, St Albans, Hertsmere & Dacorum call us on  07780 313651

For General Enquiries you can contact our main office on 01462 689403